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Club Photo Album
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Here are a few random pictures of the group from past meets.

NCPOC Past Meets:
*Myrtle Madness VIII 11/05
*Summer Meet 7/05
*Spring Meet 5/05
*Myrtle Madness VII 11/04
*Myrtle Madness VI 11/03
*Summer Meet 6/14/03
*Spring Probe/ Protege Meet 3/03
*Myrtle Madness V 11/02
*Install Meet 7/19/02
*Spring Meet 4/13/02
*NCPOC's First Meet
All pics of past meets can be found here:


Todd's GT sporting a fresh coat of paint.


Rayman's GT overlooking downtown Charlotte.


Wes' 94' GT sitting for a picture.