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Past and Upcoming Events

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This page is a summary of past events and a calendar of upcoming activities.

Past Events:

Myrtle Madness 8
The NCPOC group ventured down to Myrtle Beach, SC this past November for a little fun in the sun with about 100 other Probe and MX-6 owners that is known as Myrtle Madness!


NCPOC Past Meets:
*Myrtle Madness VIII 11/05
*Summer Meet 7/05
*Spring Meet 5/05
*Myrtle Madness VII 11/04
*Myrtle Madness VI 11/03
*Summer Meet 6/14/03
*Spring Probe/ Protege Meet 3/03
*Myrtle Madness V 11/02
*Install Meet 7/19/02
*Spring Meet 4/13/02
*NCPOC's First Meet
All pics of past meets can be found here:

Upcoming Events:
Myrtle Madness 9
Nov 06' (official dates not set yet) 
Myrtle Beach, South Caroilna

Registration, Hotel Reservations, Travel and Caravan Info, Event Schedule, News and Press, Who's Coming, Car Shows, Vendors and more!! Everything you need to know to get yourself ready for the next MYRTLE MADNESS!!